Fat Burning Brothers Slay Stubborn Fat You've busted your ass on the treadmill. Consumed at your weight in broccoli. You've even considered this Cool Sculpting thing.  However, that last bit of fat is hanging on for dear life.  So, what now?  Enter the CLA/ACV combo.  It's unique supplement combo that when taken before you eat, may help bust up stored fat.  The best part; they are all natural.  So, toss your fat burners baby. Block Those Fat Cells CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a supplement recently in the spotlight, for reports of rapid weight loss. It's a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and dairy, critical for burning fat. However, most food contains very low levels of the acid.   Some experts say, taking CLA as a supplement before you eat can be a game changer. The theory is, the acid may block fat cells from getting larger.  It may [...]

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Three Moves To Quickly Build Calves

Calves Crisis Sound the alarm sweetie.  We are in a full blown calves crisis! Gone are the neanderthal days of bro-ed out upper body only workouts.  Leg day is in full bloom for every straight, gay and twink. As far as the eye can see there quads and booty's galore, but don't look too far down.  You might fall upon two twigs holding them up. So why are in such proportion epidemic? First, let's face it; calves aren't a glamor muscle.  No one is really feeling up your calves in a bar.  They are like the wing man for your booty and quads. However, don't get it twisted. You are judged by the company you keep. People notice symmetry.  A guy with well developed calves are like unicorns. You don't see them often and when you do, they are like really pretty. On many levels they represent athleticism and achievement.  It's no secret [...]

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Intermittent Fasting – It’s Not A Diet

Weight Loss And The Perfect Body You’ve heard of it.  Maybe you have a friend who’s doing it.  We all do it eventually. Of course I’m talking about weight loss.  The gay man’s eternal search for the perfect body.   It’s right up there with the search for the perfect boyfriend.  Conventional gay wisdom holds that one leads to the other, right?  Well let’s hold off on that theory and focus on the latest weight loss research. Intermittent Fasting has become quite popular over the last several years.  Basically, it’s about restricting your calories for a period of time and then returning to your normal way of eating. It’s been shown to provide lots of health benefits like weight loss, reduce blood pressure, cancer prevention, reduced heart disease risk, and lower cholesterol. Now those benefits all sound great.  Who wouldn’t want all those upsides to fasting? How Mice Can Help You [...]

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10 Tips To Gain Muscle

THE TOP 10 THINGS TO PUT IN YOUR MOUTH TO GAIN MUSCLE (and why now is the best time to swallow) By Branden Hayward, CPT Ooh, gurl. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, things are getting sunny.  It’s getting warm, and you are watching the days get longer than the line for the men’s room at a circuit party.  We all know what goes on in there. We are taking off more clothes, thus giving ourselves carte Blanche Dubois to start the annual summer tradition of sucking in our nonexistent gut. And like Trump to Clinton at that debate, the season of vacations, beach parties, and travel  looms menacingly close to us. They beckon us to fall out of our workout routines and good eating habits. These conditions could set the stage for us to fall into a workout slump and self image pit. Or, we could use these realities [...]

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