Fat Burning Brothers

Slay Stubborn Fat

You’ve busted your ass on the treadmill. Consumed at your weight in broccoli. You’ve even considered this Cool Sculpting thing.  However, that last bit of fat is hanging on for dear life.  So, what now?  Enter the CLA/ACV combo.  It’s unique supplement combo that when taken before you eat, may help bust up stored fat.  The best part; they are all natural.  So, toss your fat burners baby.

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Block Those Fat Cells

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a supplement recently in the spotlight, for reports of rapid weight loss. It’s a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and dairy, critical for burning fat. However, most food contains very low levels of the acid.   Some experts say, taking CLA as a supplement before you eat can be a game changer.

The theory is, the acid may block fat cells from getting larger.  It may also encourage the body to shift into a fat burning mode that seeks out stored fat.  The kind you can’t reach.

Studies on CLA’s benefits aren’t conclusive, yet, but they are promising.

According to the NCBI, multiple studies on humans taking CLA, showed dramatic fat loss.

Add Apple Cider Vinegar

Apples And Apple Cider Vinegar

​Enter CLA’s bro.  You’ll need to grab a spoon and plug your nose for him honey.  It’s time to talk ACV (also known as Apple Cider Vinegar). It’s powerful healing compounds have made it the Beyoncé of “detoxing”, the Wellness Industries latest trend.

However, it’s fat burning benefits are not widely discussed in the public.  Taking a table spoon before you grub, may improve how that meal goes down. Vinegar is known to stimulate digestive enzymes which assists in breaking down food. It also has been shown to combat the accumulation of stored fat, by aggressively breaking down starchy carbs.

According to LA Health Expert, Jennifer Campbell MS, while there is no conclusive evidence of ACV’s fat loss claims, research shows it’s still effective “It can improve insulin sensitivity and decrease glucose levels, which can aide in weight loss”.

Other Benefits Of The Brothers

So, this supplement cocktail  appears to basically break down food in your favor.  It’s benefits also go beyond aesthetics.  Possible positive side effects include: improved immunity and cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and some say can help prevent diabetes and cancer.

At the very least, I know that when I’m taking CLA and ACV they are all natural. I must warn you, it’s easy to forget taking them.

I blank on taking the brothers a lot (now now-dirty minds!)  I try and leave the bottles in the kitchen where I can see them.  I also put a zip lock bag of CLA in my car for when I’m on the go.  Sometimes when I can’t get my life together, I’ll set an alarm on my phone for 20 min before my next meal, so I’ll remember.  It takes a village.

Now sweetie, before you go searching Amazon, remember these are not an excuse for a Taco Bell bender.  Your body needs nutrients to burn fat.

If you can’t get enough in your food, an all-natural multi-vitamin is another brother.  Make it a 3 way.

It’s best to consult with your MD before consuming any supplements.  Please read this carefully: these supplements work best when paired with solid food and resistance training.

 Seth Browning is a celebrity trainer, bootcamp instructor, and fitness personality,  and one of the most sought-after personal trainers in Hollywood.


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Jennifer Campbell also contributed to this article.
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